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Why EzPest Control Platform:

Adios Amigos...bid a fond farewell to your expensive Web Developers and Graphic Designers. With Webist's all-in-one powerful "3 clicks and you're done" platform, we've designed this platform to protect your business from the technical complexities of website set-up, management and ongoing maintenance issues. Our pre-packaged combination of business essential templates makes Webist one of the easiest to use website builders / on-line store builders / CMSes' available to-date. Design, build and manage your professional website using field-tested and industry-proven templates with HTML 5 design functionality -- in a matter of minutes vs. days or weeks. The Webist pre-engineered industry-specific Pest Control Platform comes with all the essential digital functionality you need, pre-built,so you can focus on how to best serve your customers.

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Pre-built Functionality:


Showcase your customer's quotes or reviews. Nothing is stronger than a positive reference to bring more customers or to convince other customers to buy your product.


A blog (short for weblog) is a personal on-line journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public. A great way to update customers on other aspects of your business such as charities or causes dear to your company.

Photo Gallery

Remember the old saying a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’? More than just pixels it's the opportunity to highlight your products and the ability to tell a story through your pictures.

News & Events

Have some great news about your brand or products to share with the world? Why not post the update onto the News widget which will provide a place to share your triumphs, events or causes.

Social Links

Easy and intuitive to include the links to your company's social media networks. Pre-built within the template which means no extra coding or designing required. Just add the URL


Images keep your customers captivated and on your website longer. A dedicated module to showcase a sliding reel of pictures, no extra coding or developing required.

Dynamic Content System

The heart of the CMS - an easy to use platform to manage your site, pages, widgets, content and on-line store catalogue

Animated Sliders

The visual sliders are fully customizable with a text overlay. No more complicated Photoshop-like editing to place wording over a picture. 

All Templates are Responsive

All of the Webist templates are built using HTML 5 coding. What does this mean to your business? Simply put - your website will come up beautifully on any device - rearranged automatically to fit the screen of any device, be it laptop, iPad or smartphone.

No more pinch-zooming or squinting to read the address or try to complete a field.

Each Webist templateis pre-engineered to be viewable on any device. No extra coding required. Tell your customers proudly to check out your website on any device - tablets and smartphones included. You've now started reaching the mobile and social customer!

Other Functionality:

CRM Manager

A powerful system that turns customer forms into customers stored into a CRM database. Enabling you to better service your customers, captures sales leads - all without coding or configuration.

Web Site Analytics Dashboard

Detailed insights about your web traffic and your website visitors.No extra APIs or fancy code to install or complex KPIs to understand. 

Online Forms

Our intuitive Forms creator provides an easy to build form in a matter of minutes. Solicit feedback from your customers, or even build a customer database or an email subscription database.

Site Search

Your customers want to be able to search for all sorts of information throughout your site. Our platform indexes all of your content – hence more time on your site means a more satisfied customer.

Benefits to your business include:

  • Business Ready: industry centric website templates
  • Intuitive 3 click "swipe and drop" functionality eliminates any requirement for expensive programmers and designers
  • Secure world class hosting facility: powered by a 5x9's award-winning data center
  • Expert unparalleled support - skilled, live technicians available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Pre-built industry specific widgets to further serve your customers
  • 15 Days Free Trail: no credit card required



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